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Men’s haircuts and styling at Curl & Glow Beauty Salon & Spa, Surrey
At our Curl & Glow Beauty Salon & Spa, we create stylish women’s haircuts and styles from traditional short backs and sides to modern contemporary men’s hairstyles. At Curl & Glow Beauty Salon & Spa, our experienced hairdressers specialize in providing men with high-quality precision cuts, colors, and barber services at the best Salon for men in Surrey.
So it doesn’t matter whether you want a creative on-trend haircut or add a modern twist to a classic style, our professional hairstyling team will provide the perfect gents hair cut and style for you.

Best Salon for Men In Surrey

Men’s Gray Hair Cutting and Styling Ideas
Do you want to change your gentleman’s hairstyle? If you feel stuck in your current men’s haircut why not break the cycle with a new short-cropped look?
Fade haircuts for men involve cutting the hair very close to the head on the back and sides and leaving more length on top.

Top men’s hair salons for men in Surrey, layered haircuts
Slicked-back haircuts, men’s hairstyles with quiffs, and smart, layered haircuts for men can transform even the messiest head into a groomed professional hairstyle!

Professionally designed haircuts and styles for men
Update your hairstyle instantly. Create smooth comb-overs and partings for a groomed and polished look or add graduation for a more shapely haircut. Discover why our clients consistently rate us as Curl & Glow Beauty Salon & Spa with our top-notch reviews at best Salon for men in Surrey.

Best Salon for Men In Surrey

Hair coloring for men in Surrey at Curl & Glow Beauty Salon & Spa
Our Surrey hairdressers’ team of skilled hair coloring experts can provide you with a low-maintenance hair color tailored specifically for you. Do you want to hide your gray hairs or add some sun-kissed highlights? Talk to the experts at Curl & Glow Beauty Salon & Spa and find out which hair coloring service for men is right for you.

Men’s Hair & Beauty Services
At Curl & Glow Beauty Salon & Spa, we have all the services men need to look and feel their best. We have over 15 hair experts who are passionate about cutting, styling, and grooming all types of hair. Additional services we offer for men include facials, manicures, and pedicures. Get the special treatment you deserve and book your free consultation today!

Male Beauty at Face and Body Workshop in Surrey
We offer a wide range of services for men and women in our best Salon for men in Surrey.
While our non-invasive and effective weight loss and anti-aging treatments are some of our most sought-after treatments, we also have some great treatments that will help you look and feel more confident.

Manicure and Pedicure for Men
For regular maintenance, why not book in for a manicure or pedicure to ensure your hands and feet look great at all times? We offer executive manicures and pedicures for men that include nail filing, buffing, cuticle cleaning, and moisturizer.
Your hands are often the first to show signs of aging, so we can highly recommend our Total Hand Rejuvenation Package to give you younger-looking, smoother skin at the best Salon for men in Surrey.

Geno+ is a clinically proven anti-aging treatment that exfoliates the outer skin layer to produce essential nutrients, while tiny CO2 bubbles oxygenate the skin. Radiofrequency is used to tighten hands and improve their appearance. Our exceptional service culminates with a soothing hand massage, ensuring your experience with us is truly unforgettable.

Hair Removal for Men – Chest and Back Waxing
We also offer hair removal for men, using waxing to quickly and effectively remove hair from the back, chest, and shoulders.
This removes unwanted hair from the roots, due to which the skin remains soft for a long time.
For best waxing results please allow your hair to grow for approximately three weeks. Most people see minimal regrowth in about three weeks and return for repeat waxing or threading treatments between four and six weeks after their initial treatment.

Eyebrow Clear for Men at Face & Body Workshop in Surrey
Another popular treatment for men is eyebrow waxing.
We use waxing and threading to quickly and efficiently remove unwanted hair around the eyebrows at Best Salon for Men in Surrey.
Talk to your technician about the look you want – whether it’s a simple shape or a completely new shape, we’re here to help.

Laser Hair Removal for Men
Are you worried about waxing your chest? Are you tired of patting yourself on the back? Are you tired of plucking out stray hairs from between your eyebrows?
Many men are bothered by the maintenance that comes with removing unwanted hair, which is why laser hair removal for men is becoming more and more popular.
If you’re thinking about laser hair removal for your unwanted body hair, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about laser hair removal, including how it works. How it works, how it feels, and what you can expect before, during, and after. And later.
Explore our comprehensive guide to laser hair removal tailored specifically for men.

Best Salon for Men In Surrey

How does laser hair removal work for men?
As the name suggests, laser hair removal treatment involves the use of laser light technology. These lasers emit pulses of light energy into the skin to target the root and hair follicles. Once the roots and follicles are destroyed, hair cannot grow, resulting in permanent hair loss.

Depending on the size of the area, most customers require multiple hair removal sessions to see the best results at the best Salon for men in Surrey.
This is because hair goes through three different stages as it grows. The laser is only effective on hair that is in the growth phase, and different hairs are always in different stages. For laser hair removal to be effective the hair must be in the active growth phase. With multiple treatments lasting several weeks, the laser can catch each hair in the growth stage.
Laser hair removal before and after results

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair
Introducing Curl & Glow Beauty Salon & Spa, your destination for cutting-edge medical aesthetics at the best Salon for Men in Surrey. Among our array of popular and widely sought-after treatments, laser hair removal stands out as a standout choice. The main reason is that the virtually painless treatment, with proven results, makes it an easy option. There is also considerable variation in the areas of the body treated. These areas include large areas such as the back, hair, legs, abdomen, and chest. Small and delicate areas are also treatable – face, neck, armpits, and more. Our results are great and people who have had the treatment swear by it.

Men’s Cut | Men’s Grooming | Men’s Facials | Men’s Pedicure | Men’s Manicure

Men’s Haircut
Men’s Haircut with Beard Trim
Men’s Express Cut For Sides & Back Only 
Men’s Buzz Cut 
Men’s Skin Fade
Men’s Camo Blending  Hair Colour
Men’s Permanent Hair Colour 
* Men’s haircut price is determined by the Level of stylist. 

Men’s Grooming

Men’s Classic Hot Shave
Men’s Classic Signature Personalized Shave
Men’s Beard Trim
Men’s Hair Cut with Beard Trim

Men’s Facials

Men’s Coach FacialCustomized facial. Double cleanse, exfoliation, tone, steam, extractions, face massage and applicable moisture treatment.
Men’s First Class FacialCustomized facial. Double cleanse, exfoliation, tone, steam, extractions, face massage, and applicable moisture treatment.

Men’s Pedicure

Men’s Express PedicureBasic pedicure. Aromatic foot soak, exfoliation, heel & cuticle therapy, callous removal, nail shaping, and light massage.
Men’s Coach PedicureBasic pedicure. Aromatic foot soak, exfoliation, heel & cuticle therapy, callous removal, nail shaping and light massage.
Men’s First Class PedicureAromatic foot soak & exfoliation, heel & cuticle therapy, callous removal, nail shaping, and extended leg and foot massage with warm paraffin wax treatment.

Men’s Manicure

Men’s Express ManicureDry manicure. File and shape nails and cuticles tidily.
Men’s Coach ManicureBasic manicure. Nail soak & shaping coupled with cuticle recovery and lotion application.

Visit Curl & Glow Beauty Salon And Spa for the Best Salon for Men In Surrey, BC.

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